Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship

Computer Labs 305 and 315 Hammond Building

Guidelines for External Users


The Computer Laboratories (rooms 305 and 315 Hammond Building) are used principally by College of Engineering students enrolled in engineering design courses. The lab serves about 900 students during the fall and spring semesters. The maintenance cost for the lab and its equipment and tools is provided by the Division of Engineering Design and Graphics primarily for the use of students enrolled in the Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship curriculum.


In the past number of years, some programs have requested the use of this lab for workshops and similar activities. On several occasions, we encountered problems such as broken equipment that was not fixed or reported, unattended participants, lab door found open by PSU police after the workshop, rooms not cleaned up after use, etc.


In order to address these problems and avoid the extra cost, our division has established the following guidelines for using the lab. The Director of the Design Lab has final say as to the appropriateness of any workshop using this lab.


      Priority for use of the lab is for College of Engineering courses. Workshop schedules must be arranged to avoid conflicts with the
course hours or lab setup and maintenance.


      A written statement describing the activities of the workshop must be submitted when requesting the permission to use the lab. Specify in your statement what equipment will be used and for what purpose. The statement may be placed on the back of this form.


      The lab must be cleaned after each session, not only at the end of the workshop.


      Doors must be locked and checked from outside when finished.


      Problems with equipment/maintenance must be reported immediately.


      Replacement and/or repair of equipment is the responsibility of the workshop sponsor.


      Workshop participants must be attended at all times by the responsible coordinator of the workshop, or their appointee(s). If negotiated in advance, computer lab assistants may monitor the rooms but they must be paid by the workshop coordinator. There is no guarantee that computer lab assistants will be available. The workshop coordinator will be the responsible entity in all cases, even when computer lab assistants are used as monitors.


      All activities must maintain an academic setting, i.e., loud music, food or drinks, and horseplay are not allowed in the lab.


      Any attendee/class participant given access to one of the computer labs in your group must be made acquainted with the policies and procedures for the computer lab use as they appear at Please feel free to print copies of this for distribution in your classes.


Obtaining permission to use the lab is subject to agreeing to all of the above guidelines. Your cooperation is appreciated. Lack of cooperation will preclude future use by your organization.


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