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Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship

Policies and Procedures
Model Shop Safety Rules

Band Saw Safety

Rules for Safe Operation

All material to be cut must rest flat on the table.

Do not back material out of a cut without first turning off the saw. Failure to do so could result in the blade being pulled off the wheels.

Never force material! If the blade or the material does not feed smoothly, turn off the saw, back the material out and ask for assistance.

Clamping, stabilizing gear, or jigs must be used if irregular shapes are to be cut.

Do not stand to the right side of the saw. If the blade breaks it could fly out in that direction.

If the blade breaks: turn the saw off then stand back until the wheels stop spinning. Tell the shop technician that the blade needs to be changed.

Make sure the blade of the band saw has come to a complete stop before walking away from it.  Never walk away from running equipment!

Blade Guard Adjustment

The blade guard is adjusted by loosening the knob located to the rear of the Wilton saw (arrow), or on the inside of the upper wheel cabinet on the DoAll saw (arrow). Once loosened the guard can be raised or lowered manually to its proper position, approximately 1/4 inch above the top surface of the material to be cut.




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