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Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship

Policies and Procedures
Model Shop Safety Rules

Miter Saw Safety

Do not pull material off of the table without first returning the miter saw to its original position (with the saw blade up in its off position).

Clamping may be required for irregular shapes or large pieces of material.

Stand in front of the saw at all times when operating the miter saw.

If there are any problems encountered when using the miter saw, turn the saw off then stand back until the blade stops spinning. Tell the shop technician that the saw needs to be looked at.

When you are finished cutting, turn the saw off and let it come to a complete stop, then clean all scrap from the machine and floor. Do not cut material with scraps lying on the table or on the floor around the saw.

Proper Work Area

The miter saw is equipped with a vacuum. Never use the miter saw without first turning on the vacuum.


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