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Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship

Policies and Procedures
Model Shop Safety Rules

Band Saw Safety




Band Saws

The CEDE model shop is equipped with two band saws, a DoAll band saw, and a smaller Wilton Band saw. The band saw is used to cut curves or to make straight cuts where extreme accuracy is not the primary concern. The blade of the band saw is a continuous loop of thin spring steel which rides on two large wheels located above and below the saw table. Because the rotation of the blade pushes down on the material being cut, there is little danger of material (properly placed on the table) being thrown. Therefore the band saw may be used freehand (without a fence or mitre gauge). The table of the band saw can be tilted to make angled cuts.

Cutting Dimensions:

Do All:
Height: 13'' Width: 19.5"

Height: 6" Width: 13"


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