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Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship

Policies and Procedures
Model Shop Safety Rules

Securing Material - Vises

Vises are used to secure material while you are working on it. Make sure all material is secured to prevent it from moving. This is especially important when using power tools. There are three different types of vises in the Model Shop. Make sure you know what each vise is used for.

This general vise can be used to secure any material wood, plastic, metal or composites.  This is not the best vise to use when finishing wood because of the knurled finish on the jaws, which will mar the wood surface.


There are two woodworking vises in the Model Shop. They are specifically used for holding finished wood. The jaws are smooth, and have a large surface area. This prevents damage to the surface of the wood being finished.

The third type of vise in the Model Shop is a drill press vise. As its name implies, this type of vise is designed only for use on a drill press table. This vise can be moved around the table so the material can be positioned properly to prevent the drill bit from boring into the metal parts of the vise. When using the drill press with this type of vise, make sure the bolts (red arrows) are tightened to prevent the material from moving. Be sure to loosen the bolts when you are finished using the drill press.


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