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Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship

Policies and Procedures
Model Shop Safety Rules

Sander Safety

Material should not be placed near the belt or disk sander without first turning on the machine. Failure to do this could cause the material to be thrown.

Stand directly in front of the 6 belt sander, and in front to the left (the radius of the disk that is spinning downwards) of the 12 disk sander.

If there are any problems with the equipment: Turn the sander off and stand back until the machine stops spinning. Tell the shop technician that the equipment needs looked at.

When you are finished sanding, turn the equipment off and let it come to a complete stop, then clean all scrap from the machine and floor.


The safety symbols (pictured to the left) are shown on the sanding machine. Material resulting from the equipments use could be harmful if inhaled. Proper use of this piece of equipment requires eye protection and face guard at all times. To minimize the amount of dust thrown by this sander, always use the vacuum when sanding.

 ***A vacuum is attached to the sander. ***
Never use the sander without first turning on the vacuum.


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