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Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship
Policies and Procedures
Model Shop Safety Rules

CEDE Model Shop Usage:

The CEDE Model Shop is available for students enrolled in an engineering related course.

When not in use for a scheduled class session, the model shop will be available on a first come first served basis to all students for academic purposes. The maximum occupancy of the shop is 25 students. Engineering students will have priority. To use the facilities, a student must 1) have the proper certification, and 2) be a member of a recognized project team working on a course related project, or be attending a class/lab within the Engineering Design and Graphics department. Due to University regulations, the CEDE Model Shop CANNOT be used for personal work not related to a course.

The CEDE Model Shop is designed for light construction using wood and plastic materials. Some of the cutting equipment in the room can handle soft metals as long as it is properly set up. Any questions regarding materials should be directed to the shop assistants.


General Shop Rules:
  1. Only students who have been instructed in the proper use of the shop equipment will be allowed to work in the shop unsupervised. Students may only use the shop in the presence of a trained assistant.
  2. Safe operation of equipment, fire regulations, and safety procedures will be strictly enforced. Continued violations may result in a loss of shop privileges.
  3. Safety goggles are required for anyone using power tools or in the vicinity of an operating power tool.  Ear plugs are recommended while power tools are in use.
  4. Report any broken, dangerous or malfunctioning equipment to the shop coordinator or shop assistant on duty.
  5. It is the responsibility of each student to know the safety regulations governing the operation of any equipment prior to using such equipment. Manuals for all machines are available on request. If you have any questions regarding the operation of a machine, ask for help from a shop assistant. A severed finger cannot be replaced.
  6. It is the responsibility of each student to clean up their work space and put away all tools before leaving the shop. All tools must be cleaned before being put away.
  7. Anyone found in the facility under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who is impaired in such a way as to compromise safety, will be asked to leave. Repeat offenders will have their shop privileges permanently revoked.
  8. The maximum occupancy of the shop is 25 students. The Model Shop gets very busy during the last two weeks of the semester. Make sure you schedule your time so you will be able to use the shop when it is available.
  9.  No open toed shoes are allowed. Anyone using the shop must have proper footwear.
  10. Cover all work areas with kraft paper if painting or gluing.
  11. Cleanup beings 15 minutes before the shop closes.

 Shop Equipment Safety:

Band Saw Safety

Drill Press Safety

Sander Safety

Securing Material - Vises

Scroll Saw Safety

Miter Saw Safety


CEDE Model Shop Certification:

Any student wishing to use the shop unattended will have to go through a certification process. Other students may use the shop facilities during open hours, or if a trained assistant is present. Open hours will be posted in the Model Shop.

Certification training will be given a few weeks into each semester.

Questions regarding the use of the shop should be directed to the shop coordinator.

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