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CEDE Equipment


The following is a list of equipment in a couple of our rooms. 

Expect a larger list with more rooms to be up soon.


Room 313 - Model Shop
  • 2 A5816 Wilton Variable Speed drill presses.

  • 1 DoAll 2013-V Variable Speed Vertical band saw.

  • 1 Milwaukee 6494 Compound Mitre Saw

  • 1 MSC 9513052 Metal Cutting Band Saw

  • 1 Wilton 3201 14 Tradesman Vertical Band Saw

  • 2 Delta 4U-650 Type 2 18 Variable Speed Scroll Saws

  • 1 Wilton 4200A Abrasive Finishing Machine (Belt and Disk)

  • 1 Sears Craftsman 10 Drill Press

  • 1 Ryobi 10 Drill Press

  • Z-Corp Z402 Rapid prototyping machine

- Model Shop Safety Manual -


Room 314 - Design Studio

Agilent E4403B Spectrum Analyzer (1 Cabinet 42)

This spectrum analyzer can be remotely controlled over the internet.  It features a multiformat RF power measurement suite, a four millisecond RF sweep time and 1.1 dB overall amplitude accuracy.  Frequency range of 9kHz to 3 GHz.


Agilent 35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzers (1 Cabinet 42)

These analyzers feature 102.4 kHz at 1 channel, 51.2 kHz at 2 channel, 25.6 kHz at 4 channel, can capture data from a tachometer, and can measure linear, cross or power spectrums, coherence power, spectral density, frequency response, time waveforms, autocorrelation, cross-correlation and histograms. 


Agilent 54622D Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (12 Cabinet 21)

The Agilent 54622D 2+16 channel 100 MHz mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), with two analog channels and 16 digital channels, uniquely combines the detailed signal analysis of a scope with the multi-channel timing measurements of a logic analyzer. It lets you see the complex interactions among your signals on up to 18 channels simultaneously.


Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Units (12 Cabinet 22)

These units feature 6 digits (22 bits) of resolution, 0.004% basic Vdc accuracy, and ultra-low reading noise and scan rates of up to 250 channels/sec.  Can be used to measure temperature, AC/DC volts, resistance, frequency or current.

For use with this unit are available:

        Agilent 34901A 20 channel multiplexer modules

        Agilent 34902A 16 channel multiplexer modules

        Agilent 34903A 20 channel actuators

        Agilent 34907A Malfunction modules

        Agilent 34908A 40 channel multiplexer modules



Agilent 33120A Waveform Generators (12 Cabinet 22)

These waveform generators use direct digital-synthesis techniques to create a stable, accurate output signal for clean, low-distortion sine waves. They also provide fast rise and fall-time square waves, and linear ramp waveforms down to 10 MHz.  Features include 15 MHz sine and square wave outputs, 12-bit, 40 MSa/s, and 16,000-point deep arbitrary waveforms.


Agilent 34401A Multimeter (12 Cabinet 23)

The Agilent 34401A multimeter is a tool kit of useful testing functions, from min/max/avg to built-in limit testing. This unit is capable of handling 6.5 digit precision measurements and its 24-hour dc voltage accuracy is 0.0015%. 


Agilent E3632A DC Power Supply (12 Cabinet 22)

This power supply includes a remote sense OVP (overvoltage protection) and OCP (Open Core Protocol), is SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) compatible. 


Agilent E3631A Triple Output DC Power Supply (12 Cabinet 23)

The Agilent E3631A is a triple output programmable dc power supply features 80W triple output, GPIB/RS-232 standard, isolated 6V output and is SCPI compatible.



BK Precision 1735 Power Supplies (2 Cabinet 41)

 These power supplies can be connected in series to double the voltage.  They offer coarse and fine voltage controls, very low ripple and can continuously monitor voltage and current output on two meters.  Frequency response 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz.


BK Precision 4017A 10MHz Function Generators (2 Cabinet 41)

These function generators operate at 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz, produce sine, square, triangle, pulse or ramp waves, variable duty cylce and DC offset. 

             Other equipment :

        82350 PCI GPIB interfaces

        Probe controls and power modules

        Agilent Benchlink software for capturing trace data and storing analysis states

        Proto Boards (models 203A and PB503)

        WaveTek handheld multimeters

        Portable vises

        Various connectors and leads


        Soldering irons

        Miscellaneous components (wires, connectors, hand tools)



16 single cylinder
4-stroke Briggs & Stratton engines

Manuals and maintenance
tools used to work on engines

T-Tech QuickCircuit 5000
milling machine



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