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  • ACS097S - Musical and Noisy Acoustics (Fall 2002)
    Sound waves surround us, and this seminar introduces the basic
    concepts of acoustics, the science and engineering of sounds.
    Examples are primarily taken from the areas of musical acoustics
    and noise control, but demonstrations also will be given in
    the related areas of transducers, concert hall acoustics,
    underwater acoustics, ultrasound, and bioacoustics. Students
    will perform lab experiments, make field tests, and perform
    computer simulations related to musical and noisy acoustics.
    Faculty from the Graduate Program in Acoustics and the Applied
    Research Laboratory will make guest appearances to discuss what
    they do in acoustical engineering. On-campus technical
    tours are planned. As a bonus, all students will receive
    sound level meters for future use.


  • RoboLab Project
    The new ROBOLAB System prepares students for careers in engineering and science with excitement and enthusiasm. With the ROBOLAB System students will learn about today's world of robotics, confined only by their imaginations.
    Instructor: Marcus Edwards



  • ME 102S Toys and Kits
    Toy design and construction.  Students learn to use RoboLab software to construct a toy from Lego parts.  These toys are then judged by middle school students for performance in reliability, appearance and fun.
    Instructors: Anita Todd  and Dick Benson


  • ME 497D - IDEALS
    A 1-credit course to complement junior level core Mechanical Engineering (i.e. ME82, ME30, ME33, ME51, ME54, AND ME412).  This course provides an opportunity to simultaneously use the theoretical topics from core courses in a hands on, hardware orientated, integrated fashion.
    Instructor: Anil K. KulKarni


    Sponsored By The Boeing Company
    The Boeing Flight contest is a technical competition in which contestants design airplanes/airborne structures made of balsa wood


  • ME 288 Product Dissection
    Bicycles are the product used in this product dissection lab.  Students are provided with old bicycles, which must be completely disassembled, then reassembled to work like new.
    Instructor: Tim Simpson

  • ENGR497G - Entrepreneurial Business Basics
    Greg Pierce, John Bagby and Andrew Bergstein are the teaching
    team for ENGR497G - Entrepreneurial Business Basics, with 5 weeks of
    business finance (Greg Pierce), 5 weeks of business law/intellectual
    property (John Bagby) and 5 weeks of marketing (Andrew Bergstein).
    Computer and internet access are an integral part of the course.  These
    three topics are subject areas that engineering students often have
    little or no exposure to in college, but should know the fundamentals if
    they want to be active player in a high-technology company.
    Instructors: Greg Pierce, John Bagby and Andrew Bergstein

  • EMCH 407  - Computer Methods in Engineering Design
    This class will run IDEAS to demonstrate the application of computer
    methods in engineering design (splines for approximation to data and
    shapes, object manipulation, and more), taught during the first part of
    the semester.
    Instructors: N.J. Salamon 

  • ME 51 - Mechanical Design
    This class gives students a tremendous opportunity for growth as a Mechanical Engineer. They will use the skills that they learned in calculus (Math 140/141), linear algebra (Math 220), differential equations (Math 251), materials (E Mech 215), and computer science (Cmp Sc 201) to solve real-world problems.
    Instructor:  Eric Marsh


  • ED&G 100 - Introduction to Engineering Design
    The Introduction to Engineering Design course (ED&G 100) introduces students to the process skills associated with engineering design. Emphasis is on team work, communications skills, and computer-aided analytical tools. These skills, along with strong references to basic science and math skills, comprise the engineering approach to problem-solving.








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